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Systems Engineering

曲政 / 2007-10-15

A lecture on Systems Engineering by Prof. David Gardener from Loughborough University U.K. was held in F310 this afternoon, and at the same time, in the neighbore room, GaoTian conforrence house, there is DR. JEROME FRIEDMAN, a noble price wonner, with his lecture Road to the Nobel Prize. I have heard the latter for several days, but I hesitated. I caught sight of the former news via Email, and I come down.

I wonder about Mr Gardener's personal experiences in aircrafts projects for the millitary. Engaging in a development process of milk filling and packaging machine, I feel necesary to think systematically, however, it is not enough for us to avoid the identity mistakes. It has been a long time since we sit together to discuss the individual works with each other, thus we know the narrow range and keep the knowledge that we gain personal. I spent a lot of time on naming the parts because of the lack of consideration about the whole process of design. Sometimes I felt boring and frustrating about drawing and assembling parts, because they are built up like bricks without steel and cement, fragile in practice. I need criticism and expereiments, I need to be sure about the key function that affect the shape in the Final Forming Unit. This kind of issues sometimes come to my mind, and I tried to push them away and be a fresh and energic worker in the project team. However I keep thinging about the problems that not belong to me, because I thought it would be better if we have done that way at that time- personal opinion only. So I went to the lecture, to find some answers from the chief director of those famous air fighters.

But I failed. Maybe it is because I have give up English for enough time for missing to catch his information, or maybe Prof Gardener have lift himself from the details of engineering to concepts and priciples, that I didn't gain the direct solutions to my wonders from his personal stories.

Of course, I did get something meaningful. He draw four half circle sinusoid curves which claps one another. They denote the four kind of engineers: Specialist Eng. Systems Eng. Project Manager, and Enterprise Manager. To be a capabilitive systems engineer, you should not only have a broad knowlegde, but also be deep expertise in at least one part of them. That's to say to me, calm you heart down and involve yourself in a certain well. But I am not sure with one to dig, or everywhere you can get oil if you run deep enough. I don't kown.

I thought about one book that I download from H.I.T. FTP, Systems Approach to Engineering Design. It is a ebook, free, far from a borrowed paper book, so I didn't even catch a sight on its menu. Come back, find out and read it. Wonderful! Covering all the issues that perplexed me. I disided to read it someday, well, the day after tomorrow, better with someone who has similar interests, well, Zhang San. Then, that's it.