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Reflection in Transition

Fruits Wanting

John Qu / 2007-12-18

At today's oral meeting, we talked about a relatively serious topic: what do we want from our graduate education?

As the chairman, I throw out some questions first, such as, why we choose to take the graduate entrance exam? What do we want from SJTU? Is it to satisfy our professors, to gain money, to play more, to learn more lessons, or to be more practising experience?

But I was wrong! Most of the time, the discusions were misguided while giving the reasons to make a certain choice, like to get a master degree or a Ph.D. In fact, I would like to share with others’ opinions about “what” and “how”, instead of why, and I prefer something practical to theoritical. I am not doing a good job as a chairman. The lesson I learned is: do not push too many questions, make one clear and focused, and notice the sideflow of the direction.

For me, the answer is simple. To extend my potentiality. I want to go further in my work career, to be happier in my family life, to make bigger differences in my neighbourhood area. So the main projectives are math, english, computer skills, thinking habits, friend ship and health(without order).

Some inteseting and important issus mentioned are list here:

Jack Compare the college years with graduate education. Now we have project assigned to oneself , less lessons and more free time to think over something.

Ben Putting off the deadline to be more prepared about society.

Allen Every minute counts, with the ettitude of keeping on trying. Prove oneself by taking some hard task after 4 years’ doult. Interjobs are “have to”, because the job asked, to know what kind of word is suit for one.

Jackie Some questions would have no final answers, but will be more and more clear. Being doult on this route of going abroad, but on answer, so still follow the direction that set before. One who running for a Ph.D would not make the same decision again. IQ is essential for a scietist or researcher, but one can make it up with other capbilities in less innovative fields.