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Reflection in Transition

Oral Discussion on Career Planning

John Qu / 2008-03-04

Miss Jou, as supervisor of oral group meeting today, suggested us to talk about the personal ideal job, after the topic of doctorate last week. Me, Ben, Allen, and Shorden, have lots of stimulating ideas as following:

To seek for kind of life, not kind of company.

How to be realist?

State of personal condition, not knowledge or skills, that counts.

Jou is a good questionor, to momentous talks.

Admire those who invent something new, and want to have a try to do real research abroad.

Confidence have to sources,one is inner, personnalities, other is outer, achievements and things deserve a proud. So build you spitual power and store your achievements.

What about women? Housewife v.s. Career woman.

Their hometown, feeling of belonging to nowhere. A mixture of culture.

I would like to learn more these days, talking with brothers, reading web articles.